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storm? you are looking live at federal hill where ate looks out of focus and that's -- where it looks out of focus and that's probably because the weather. we are seeing rain but there. >> and mainly rain right now. but i will tell you if it gets worse. all that is coming up. >> is that's the big story the weather. we are talking about rain we will be getting and we are bracing for the major storm. it's expected to bury other parts of the country. up to two feet to the north of us. we have the team coverage this morning live in boston where they are preparing for this. how is it looking out there right now? what can you tell us. >> reporter: it's a bitterly cold morning in boston. everyone is preparing for the major snowstorm. we are talking about seeing high winds and whiteout conditions and, of course, measuring snow in feet. get out before it's too late. passengers at boston's logan
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airport hoping to dodge what could be a monsterous blizzard. >> it's going to be crazy later i bet. i am glad that i had calm right now. >> reporter: snowfall totals could top 2 1/2 -- i am glad it's calm right now. >> reporter: snowfall totals could top 2 1/2 feet. the mayor is optimistic the city can happen what comes it way. >> happening overnight friday and saturday is good times as we could have -- typing as -- timing as we could have. >> reporter: thousands of equipment is standing by. >> we are used to these types of storms and we want to remind everyone to use common sense. stay off the streets of our city. basically stay home. >> reporter: earlier this week, the region marked the 35th anniversary of the deadly beliesart of 1978 there's similarities between that beast and what he brewing. the outcome will not be as dramatic. >> the 78 blizzard stalled for quite a while. this storm too looks like it
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may stall but instead of stalling for two to three days, it may be more in the order of 12 to 24 hours. >> reporter: there's been a run on supplies at hardware and grocery stores. now with refringe raters stocked and -- refrigerators stocked and shovels at ready everyone is advised to go home hunker down and ride it out. and here in boston they are expecting the worst of the storm later this evening into saturday morning. and we are talking about the possibility of seeing some 2 to 3 inches of snowfall per hour. also, along the coastline, very high winds, 75 miles per hour and then there's always that risk of flooding. live in boston, now back to you. of course the storm is causing delays and we want to work for you and let you know about them. baltimore county hereford zone, howard county and harford county are on a two-hour delay. as delays and cancellations come in, we will update you on air and online but through twitter and facebook.
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so remember you can count on us. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's talk about what hing a gone it right now because we have a winter weather advisory for the areas in blue. this is issued because travel problems are going to compact us for today this morning and as we come home this evening, the commute is going to be on the rough side. let's look at what's happening throughout the day and we have some wet weather out here. now right now, the wet weather is basically rain. but as we look back towards the west, around frederick county, and even now some of a little bit of a within theory mix work into carroll county we are seeing that so we could see along i-70 it's going to be slick. mount airy this morning and damascus. so if you are in the areas around new market we are dealing with freezing rain, sleet and snow and also just plain rain coming down across the area.
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just a solid shield. now the rains out there the freezing rain and sleet that wentry mix but also we have to deal with the fog this morning as well. so we have reduced visibility basically everywhere. baltimore frederick and hagerstown and easton. temperatures are on the up and down. someplaces are below freezing and some above freezing but through the rest of the day this is what to expect. 40 degrees for the high but it will feel colder than that because the wind will pick up throughout the day. here's the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: we are dealing with a wintery mix in carroll and frederick counties. heading to interstate 70 east of 270 prepare yourself for slick conditions take it slow but no delays in the area. as we head over to baltimore county, here's a live look in hunt valley, 83 a shawan road dealing with a lot of rain. so the roads again will be very slick here. but no delays as you make the push from the maryland pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. that will take you 21 minutes.
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695 is in great shape. no problems to report on a the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 8 3. and that stretch will take you 11 minutes and the west side nice and clear this morning. you are looking at a 7-minute ride on outer loop from 795 to 70. that's your morning commute. now over to you. winter weather is moving into the area and those flying out of bwi could expect delays as the day rolls on. sherrie johnson is live in linthicum and seems like when we have come to you there's no umbrella and an umbrella no hoodie and now a hoodie. how is the weather. >> reporter: the weather the rain is still coming downright now. you know we are here at bwi thurgood marshall international airport and i checked with airport officials. the arrivals are on time and departures are on time. basically, what airport officials are saying you really need to -- you need to check in with your airline before you head this way. so you want to check in with them. see if your flight is on time or not but basically we have been checking in and right now,
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things seem to be on time no delays and i also what chance to talk with the state highway administration and basically those folks are it will me they have trucks on the road in howard county and they have trucks on the road in baltimore county and they have put trucks on the road in the owings mills area and the hereford zone. they have been monitoring the weather all morning and felt like now with the freezing rain they needed to go ahead and put the sand and salt down to make sure drivers are safe for themorning commute. also the spokesperson at the state highway administration says to encourage drivers to give yourself plenty of time. you want to give yourself plenty of space between you and the other driver be clear. of the trucks to let them put the sand and salt down. they want to make sure everyone gets to their destination safely of the you can follow us on twitter on abc2 news for the
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latest updates. that's the situation here. now back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. we are going to update you on a story with annapolis police searching for the body of a 2-year-old girl believed to be killed by her mother. linda so has more on the story and the investigation. linda, do police have idea where the child's body might be. >> reporter: they have it narrowed down to a trash transfer station in jessup and they believe the body is in a railcar headed out of state. investigators will resume the search for the body this morning. police say chelsea booth admitted to putting the girl's body in a dumpster in her neighborhood. police tracked the contents of the dumpster to a railcar at that trash transfer station in jessup. booth, who lives in the bay ridge community told police she laid on top of her toddler until she was dead. and put her in the dumpster. a concerned neighbor called police when she didn't see kassidey for days. booth said the daughter was with a relative but later
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admitted to killing her. >> i spoke to her hi chelsea and she didn't speak to me i guess that was on her mind at the time. but she is just -- she changed after a certain period of time. >> reporter: booth is charged with first and second degree murder and is being held without bail this morning. lind see, abc2 news -- linda so, abc2 news. the mother of a woman killed says the crime could have been prevented. katie aheadel was -- hadel was stabbed to death and jeffrey shiflett was arrested. >> they knew she was there and we asked them thursday for a safety plan. katie and i sat there for one hour with them and asked for a safety plan and have been asking for five years and we never ever got it. >> okay you are hearing from katie hadel's mom talking about a safety plan in place trying to protect her daughter from jeffrey shiflett they said the plan was in place and he
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wassending threatening letters to hadel. they had a brief relationship and baltimore county said they were trying to help but mom is reporting a different story. he was later arrested outside her mom's home once again jeffy shiflett is being held without bond charged with first degree murderer. time for ravens for you this morning. he is on the cover of sports illustrate and last night gentleman could by jones was introduceed to the -- jacoby jones was introduced to the world. he talked about the power outage at the super dome after his lengthy touchdown run. >> the lights went out not long after that. yeah. i was tired. >> megan. you know what's cool about that? that's the same question i asked. >> he said he might be dancing with the stars. >> he will do dancing with the stars and after the ravens
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parade on tuesday,. >> he's been up for a while i will give him that he probably has 10 thousands of those. >> and asked about the sunglass he said he popped a blood vessel in his eye while celebrating but may have done it while throwing up after the touchdown. >> you never know. no speculation. you can catch jimmy kimmel live here on abc2 at 11:35. >> coming up let's be honest there's a good chance most of us will never win an oscar. >> however if you want to hold one, that's a different story. the gold guy is on a road trip and we will introduce you. >> a live look outside baltimore at the inner harbor. a little mix out there. a live look for you winter storm coming to the north. we will be impacted but how badly? lynette charles has an answer. >> all right. we have rain, snow and freezing rain and this is all going to be in the forecast for today. but we have a windy side to the storm.
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i will detail that coming up. >> reporter: we are dealing with a wintery mix along interstate 70 in frederick. i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. a live look this morning at the big apple. the streets of new york let's head that way for a check of today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites more evidence that facebook weaves a tangled web. many users were redirected to a facebook error page. but it affected those also logged into facebook which is now fixed the problem. you can find hundreds of stolen film on youtube despite the effort to stop the copy wright violation. yesterday disney began to block films on youtube. iphone app mailbox is available. more than a quarter of a million people were on the waiting list. the free down load reportedly is easier to use than the i- phone built in mail app.
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gamers are excited about assassins creed 4. publisher says 4 will feature a new hero and an all new team and a different time period. and those are your tech bites. i am diana perez.
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thanks for joining us. we want to let you know there are delays. they are on the screen. baltimore county hereford zone howard county and harford county are all on a two-hour delay. we want to let you know as delays and cancellations come in to us we will update you on the air and online at and facebook and twitter. the academy awards are more than two weeks away and right here you can catch them and
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amid the glitz and glitter and red carpet treatment one star supreme the this the oscar that has been a part of movie history for more than 80 years. he is on tour and joining us is angie and ben with the oscar road trip good morning. >> good morning. >> how was the weather getting in first? >> it was not bad we got in last night so it was okay and it's just rain eke take rain over snow any day. >> aid couple drinks before we headed into the last hour so i felt great. >> you feeling great this morning. and that is 21-day trip and you are five days in how does it feel. >> it's been amazing. we don't know what day it is orwhere we are at when we wake up it's what city are we in the fans found great. >> you sound like a politician. >> exactly. you ask off camera if we have talked to the oscar. i haven't talking to him he ignores me. it's weird. >> yeah he doesn't talk back
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fee -- he doesn't. in terms of authenticity and the weight and size this is a real oscar statue. >> it's an oscar statue givenout and it's not a road oscar it's real one. >> not just a prop. >> they will buff it up and refurbish it and someone will win this. >> the green state of mind this is recycleed recycleed. this is not just for -- recycled this is not just for fun. what's the coolest experience. >> reactions from fans. i mean, we had a few girls yesterday college age who started crying when they held it. like tears and then we are going away prizes along the way and gave them a trip to the red carpet experience and they started balling. i mean, people love this thing. and they love the oscars and celebrities. >> wait a second. >> i know tears. >> you witnessed it.
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>> listen they were crying. and angie loves to move people emotionally. to me the best part of the trip is getting respect from people because i don't get a lot of that. >> okay. >> carry this award changes people perception not like i have a place to be. >> you do have history now. you've been on television now for a number of years and people might recognize you a little bit of your history. >> this is true. i have doesn't chelsea lately show for five years. >> has she kicked your butt? >> always i never said hi without her kicking me in some part of my body. gentle zones. when ever go to the show i wear a cup and face mask and i you know put a deer repellant --repellant spray. >> we don't make deer antler spray. >> i would never be able to talk about it. >> does it keep you fresh
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andinvigorated. >> i am confused. >> senseless sports reference. >>i don't know what's going on. >> your background because people know you from >> i hosted a fitness series and a science show back in a couple years ago. and been around the block but would like to be a bigger block if you know what i mean. >> bigger? one of these. >> yeah. exactly. >> by the way i was in a movie eligible for oscar this year ice age. >> you do a voice. >> marshall sid's brother and i was not nominated by the academy. >> i am telling you because the oscar doesn't like you but you want to present this ala academy award style. >> people all over watching can meet us today at inner harbor at 10 and we will be there for a while hanging out and you can pose with the oscar an though it will be raining. >> he doesn't melt. >> look for the sign and we will do it. but we have first a special
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announcement before we. >> before we go outside later i would like to present this academy award to megan pringle for being the second coolest girl from michigan. >> what? second? >> i am the first. >> are you where are you from? >> sterling heights. >> ann harbor. >> nice. >> speech. >> i want to thank my husband and children. can i keep this? >> yes of course. >> that's so cool. >> you shouldn't said yes a security officer might have a different answer. >> yeah he scares me. >> she wanted to touch and hold it so we did that this morning. inner harbor this morning rain or shine. >> rain or shine. >> oscar doesn't melt. >> look for our sign. >> we will try to find shelter and the worst case if it rains you can go like this. >> you can do a workout that's pretty heavy. thanks so much. >> thanks for having us. >> 21-day tour the oscar road trip is what's going on. let's check the forecast with lynette. >> and now maryland's most
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accurate forecast. >> all right. let's talk about what's going on because we have lots of advisories watches and warnings up across the state. and points north and east as well. we will start in the state with a winter weather advisory in the blue here and this is until 10:00 and then we head into the pink color. that is winter storm warning for portions of new york and also pennsylvania. and then we are looking at the red, blizzard warnings and we are looking at this across new england as we go through the rest of today. so we are talking about wind gusts up to about 75 miles an hour for them. and those are hurricane-force winds but here back at home we are not going to be too shabby in the wind department because we will have wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. right now, the wind gusting up to about 15 in fallston. these things will take off going into the afternoon. 30s in a lot of spots and we see 34 from glen burnie and
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catonsville so temperatures are dicey. they are up and down. some at the freezing hovering around there and some a little above and that's going to tell you the precipitation type. heading towards the west i-70 into frederick some sleet and some freezing rain across the area. and also some snow all mixing in. everywhere else we are talking about central maryland along the eastern shore, we are dealing with plain rain across the area there. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mened, we are dealing with a wintery mix traveling in carroll or frederick counties, take it slow. it's slick on interstate 70 east of 144. now traveling on 695, as we check in and look live at the northwest corner, old court road, traffic is moving along. in all of this rain we are dealing with across the region, as we look at abc2 timesaver traffic drive times 11 minutes on outer loop from 795 down to 95 and the east side nice and clear. no delays on the outer loop
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from 95 up to 83. and that stretch will take you 11 minutes and traveling in white marsh no concerns on 95. it's nice and clear from the beltway all the way into the city. that will take 14 minutes. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan over to you. >> charley may have oscar but i've got bo and aleen gabbey. thanks for -- aileen gabbey thanks for bringing him? >> he is very serious. >> and we can't figure out his age 9 years 9 months knees cute is the most important thing. >> very nice and laid back which is a nice unusual quality to find in a dog. i want to talk about some exciting news that happened you guys what great competition with the spca in san francisco leading up to the superbowl. >> yeah. so for fun for the superbowl we da competition with the humane society of silicone valley near san francisco and we wanted people to like and share our posts on facebook and put cute pictures on. we wanted to find homes for pets.
6:23 am
so we had a competition and i am happy to say that we won. >> we won. that's great. >> we got more likes and shares and we got over 6,000 likes and shares. their group had almost 4,000 and that's great. so, to celebrate we are going to have adoption fees be 52 dollars in honor of ray lewis on sunday. so cats and dogs adult pets 52 dollars to celebrate the win. >> great job by you and we have about 30 seconds left so quickly with this storm coming, anything pet owners should know. >> keep pets inside. with the rain they can be disoriented with the sound and smell. it might remove a cent is to -- scent to get them back home. keep them safe inside and when they come in dry them off. >> are you opened this weekend. >> we are 7 days a week. we want to find homes for the pets. >> and they seem to find a home for the dogs and cats that come in here. so, hopefully that will be the case with bo because he is cute. >> i like the underbite e looks answeringry.
6:24 am
>> he does. >> -- angry. >> he does. >> all right. breast canser's bone marrow transplant and lea no denyingrob -- be and there's no denying robin roberts is a fighting. we will find out when she is coming back to work. details when good morning maryland continues.
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all right. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. we want to remind you about school delays on the screen. >> we have a number of private schools calling in for delays as well. those are going to be available at but the three public schools we know about baltimore county hereford harford county on two hour delays ahead of the snowstorm that could be impact your commute a bit later. >> all right we want to head over to lauren for caption this. what do you have for s picture submitted by alex shaw of his daughter julia. you can see she is a computer wiz at a early age.
6:28 am
we posted this and it generated a lot of comments. tammy wrote in saying working from home today. roy his caption was where did i see that map to grandma's house and robin her caption is what's that e-trade kid looking at. keep your captions coming. we are enjoying them and i need pictures for next week so e- mail them to and you can post it on my abc2 facebook page. now over to you. good morning america cohost robin roberts will return to work wednesday february 20th. it's been nearly five months since she underwasn't bone marrow transplant. she constraiked a illness as -- contracted a illness as delayed side effect from her cancer treatment. there will be a special story on 20/20 on friday february 22nd here on abc2. coming up, videos that's going to make you ask what could have happened here. >> you can tell it's a close
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call when you see this. we will tell you how the man inside the restaurant says he managed to get out just in time. [ stefan ] with a cold or flu, nighttime nasal congestion can be the worst part. my medicine alone doesn't always give me all the congestion relief i need to sleep. [ female announcer ] adding breathe right nasal strips can make all the difference. it's proven to instantly relieve cold or flu nasal congestion.

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